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Server 2000 will not defrag due to lack of Free Space.

I have a Windows Server 2000 shows alot of RED the C drive is analyzed. I tried to defrag that drive but it keeps saying that the C drive has no free space to defrag, even though half of the drive is unused. I tried to Check disk in dos several times, Tried third party utilities to defrag, and still nothing. i can't move any files because this is the system partition. PLEASE ASSIST.
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you could add space by resizing that partition if there are other partitions on your disk and then try again
and what is half of the drive? 50% ?
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I would suggest trying to clear out more space as you may be so badly fragemented it is being inaccurately reported

are your drives RAID configured ?

First get this program download and run it (DO NOT RUN THE REGISTRY SECTION)

try disk defrag again

if it still does not work boot the server into safe mode and try to defrag

if that does not work you may have to look at getting a 3rd party program.

I would highly recommend diskeeper 
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Yes the drives are in Raid conf, I have heard of Diskkeeper and we did suppose to the owner to purchas this software but The are unwilling. I can't clear space, its the System partition there is only so much I can remove.
Did you try ccleaner and safe mode yet ?

If you go to there website you can download a 30 trial of it and it will defragment the drive... then just uninstall after the 30 days is up and go back to the standard windows defrag.

I can tell you this I use this software myself and it is well worth it but if they do not want to spend $299.95 for it because of budget constraints that is understandable.
By the way make sure you download the server edition when you go to ave it to your drive it will say server for the file name
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