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Duplicate meeting requests when delegate accepts meeting request.

I have a user who's listed as a delegate for one of our VP's. When she accepts a meeting request for him
it shows up as duplicates in his calendar.  In his cal it's always showing up conflicts as the meetings are duplicated.
They both were upgraded from 2003 to 2007 and this behavior didn't happen in 03. ( Exchange server was also migrated from 03 to 07)

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I have been researching this delegate issue. You indicate that you have found the problem, but is there any way that this behavior can be modified to prevent duplicate appointments?
If you go to the delegates tab in Outlook 2007, change the setting to "delegates and me", click apply, then OK. Then, go back into the options, delegates tab - change it to "my delegates only" and click apply, OK. This did the trick for me.
what ws your solutoin to finding the problem?
The problem was the originator answering both from a blackberry and from the computer. Once we got that stopped, the problem was solved.