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How to show when user is connected using RealVNC

I would like to show users when I'm connected to their machine using RealVNC.  Right now, the icon in the system tray changes, but I'd like it to be a bit more obvious.
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Only one thing I can think of is this
VNC Viewer Free Edition 4.1 for Windows
The VNC Viewer will present the Connection Details dialog, allowing the IP address or name of the target VNC Server to be specified.

there is also the cmd prompt>> netstat
Shows the ip addresses of connected users

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Thanks, but that's on the viewer's side.  I need the person on the server end be notified when a viewer connects.

on the server end be notified when a viewer connects<< use netstat cmd prompt
The System Tray icon goes a dark colour, doesn't it?

I would have thought that the VNC Server should have been configured to:

1. Force the Viewer to provide a password when sending a connection request
2. Prompt the VNC Server user to accept the connection request

Having it set otherwise is a security risk, but perhaps you have good reason for this.

It could well be that you have the Server configured to only accept connection requests from specified IP Addresses, and to accept connections without prompting, but perhaps this is something you could confirm.

Why not just have the Viewer user open Notepad and type a message to the Server user.  That's how I communicate with the Server user, but that user will already know I'm connected because they were prompted to accept my connection.

I'm wondering if your connection could be made to trigger the display of the "Active Connections" dialog from within "winvnc4.exe" and populate the List Box field with your IP address.  Really just like a popup window.  This would be easy for a non-programmer like me if the file were a DLL, but I may be able to figure out a way for this *.exe with some experimentation.
VNC changes color. It will be necessary to manually notify the user.
Would it be useful if the user was played an Event Sound?

I am wondering whether RealVNC Viewer can be assigned sound for various program events such as when a connection is accepted.
Hi asitron
Please note that I won't look any further to try and see if a sound event can be associated with RealVNC connection unless you indicate that this would be useful to you.
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