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Applying settings takes forever at one location but not at others

A client of mine synchronizes his My Documents upon every logon and logoff.  His My Documents folder is about 3.25GB.  When he logs his laptop on to the domain from his remote office it takes 30 minutes to apply his settings and 2-3 minutes to sync his Docs.  This location has 1.6mgs bandwidth shared by 5 users connecting to our main office via VPN and Terminal Server.  All users use the same local DNS and public DNS.  He is the only laptop user.  When he logs off the synchronizing takes a few minutes but the saving settings takes 30 minutes or more.

From our main office and from any other location the applying settings and saving settings takes 2-3 minutes along with the sync taking 2-3 minutes.  Why???

Other users at this location with less of a profile to apply and save take longer to apply and save settings then the norm.  Is there not enough bandwidth?  Is the DNS causing this?  Why does every user at this location suffer?  He is the only one who logs off routinely because he is the only laptop user.  If ever the other users log off or restart then their settings take longer to load then expected.  

Is the VPN causing this?  
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Hope that you got this issue resolved.
Thank you.