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How To Overwrite a GroupWise Restoration Management Location with a Recent Backup

Is there a way to overwrite an existing Restoration Management restore location using a backup without getting "file in use" or "file is locked" errors?  Since the Post Office appears to keep the wphost.db file locked while the restoration area is in use, our backup cannot overwrite these files without taking the Post Office down.

Since the purpose of the Restoration Management area is to allow users to restore older emails they may have deleted, I would think there would be a standard practice available that will let you overwrite this area with a complete restore of the PO without having to take the GroupWise system down?  We would like to do a monthly update to this restore area.

Any suggestions?  I thought I came across a Cool Solution article that addressed this issue a couple years ago, but could not find it.
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I believe the official recommendation is to use a standby server for the restoration area, so as to prevent this. If you don't have spare hardware for this purpose, you could also create a second POA instance on the existing server.

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Is there not a way to point the Restoration area to another location without taking the POA down and then restore a previous backup to the area and point it back?  If the wphost.db is still locked after you point it to a new location, can't it be unlocked?  You would think Novell would have a way to keep this restore are updated as needed, wouldn't you?

Can you explain how a second POA instance would be setup and what a user or administrator would need to do to restore mail?
First of all you should never attempt to restore directly back to the working directory of your GroupWise post office and domain - you would use Console One and create a new restoration location (don't forget to give the appropriate users access).

Then you would restore the GroupWise postoffice to that location and after that you can use the GroupWise client and select File | Open Backup (point to the restore location) and access the messages there without overwriting your live post office.
To DSPoole:
Thanks for your input, but the problem is not the locking of the wphosts file on the live PO, but in the RESTORATION AREA ITSELF!  You cannot overwrite that file as the GroupWise System is locking that file since it is being used by the users for restoration.

I guess the best solution would be to do a restore to a new location and point the GroupWise System to that new area when the restore is finished and delete the old.  The problem is the server doesn't have a lot of free space.

Restore to another server then.
The fundamental issue you're describing is being unable to replace files on the server while they are in use by an application, which is pretty much going to be true for any application.

Why not temporarily redirect the restoration area to an alternate location? It needn't have actual live data, could be basically empty. Then restore your backup to the original location, and redirect back to it.

I did try that, but I believe the GroupWise system still keeps that wphost.db file locked even when it is pointed to a new location unless you restart the POA.  I haven't tried using a file unlock utility to see if it will relesa it, though.
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