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Redirecting Dynamic URL to Dynamic URL

I need to redirect a dynamic URL such as:
to: so only the first dynamic element will change.
I need this to be specific for only a dozen or so dynamic links all using the same instruments.aspx? starting point, as most dynamic links using that page will remain the same.

To be clear, this is all on the same domain, using the same .aspx page, so I only need to redirect the dynamic parts.

I've also read about using a rewrite option to rename dynamic links to friendly links such as:  to I would be interested in going to this level if dynamic links with more than 2 categories are still difficult for the major search engines to crawl or don't get crawled as often..

I am a novice in ASP.NET and server setup and don't know if/where an .htaccess file would be or if maybe the modifications (either of the above I mentioned) can be done in the web.config file or directly on the instruments.aspx page.

I'm on a IIS 6.0 server using MySQL 5.1, .NET 1.1 (or can use .NET 2.0) and VBScript. I don't have Visual Studio - I use Dreamweaver or notepad to hand code everything.  

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Thanks for the reply back. Your method is exactly what I was looking for at least for the first part of my problem - redirecting a dynamic url.