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Cross-Server call to stored proc is "hanging"

We have a .NET 2.0  windows application that accesses a SQL 2000 database.  A stored proc (which is called pAddSecurityRole) in this database simply calls another stored proc that is in a database on a linked server.  Originally, the linked server was also a SQL 2000 box, but was recently migrated to SQL 2005.  After switching to SQL 2005  pAppSecurityRole stopped working.  I mean, it just hangs.  No error messages.  Nothing.  The proc executes fine when run from SQL Management Studio.  It's only when  the proc is called from the .NET app that it is a problem.  Anyone have any ideas what might be going on and what can be done to solve this problem?

-- Stored Proc called from SQL 2000 DB
ALTER Procedure [dbo].[pAddSecurityRole] (@CompanyNumber AS VARCHAR(4), @RoleName AS VARCHAR(50), @AppShortName AS VARCHAR(50))
-- calls a proc on a linked SQL 2005 server
EXEC [LNK-SQLDEV03].Security.dbo.pTestProc

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has the linked server been re-established (dropped and recreated ) now that the other server is 2005?

has the server definition been amended to include the instance name?

has any collation changed?
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I passed your questions on to our DBA's.  While I don't know the answers, they assured me that those things were addressed.
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