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Delay recieving internal mails

We are running Exchange 2003 sp2 on windows 2003 sp2 server, clients using Outlook XP SP3.
We are having delay problem on some users mailbox where it takes upto 10-15 minutes to recieve internal mails. it is not affecting all users.
I have also noticed if you click on any subfolders under inbox the mails delivers instantly.
all our users machines are free from virus/spyware etc...

Please help
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What mode are the users working in ? Cached mode or Online mode?
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We are using Outlook XP with sp3. Online Mode.
Have you tried with a "newer" client (just for testing).?
If you are using an Exchange Server, you will need to change your mode to not using Cached Exchange Mode. (Tools, Account Settings, Change) Clear the checkmark from "Used Cached Exchange Mode". It took us a while to figure this one out. Once you do this, your users will no longer be able to mark items as Junk Mail, they will be able to block senders however,

Dawn Crosier
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I don't think I would call disabling cached mode a "fix". That simply removes the problem to another location. If cached mode was as flawed as that then it wouldn't be used. Furthermore this is Outlook XP which doesn't have cached mode.

Do the mailbox updates actually appear at 15 minute intervals or when the user does something in Outlook?

The usual reason for the lack of updates is a firewall getting in the way. Outlook/Exchange updates is actually a push process. The Exchange server tells Outlook something has changed and then Outlook has a look. If that packet is blocked then Outlook is only updated when something happens that the client has initiated.

Basically something is blocking the packet.

We are not running in Cache mode.
It is randomly doing on some machines only and appears to be delivering to inbox when users clicks on other folders, if no activity is done in inbox then it will take approx 15 min to deliver the mail.

All our firewalls and antivirus settings are same for all users as it controls by McAfee Epolicy Server.


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