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Passing VB.NET variable to Crystal Report

I have a form in VS 2008.  The form contains a combobox listing locations, two textboxes to specify a date range, a ReportViewer control and a button to run the report based on the criteria inputted.  All I want to do is pass the location and date range criteria to the Report Header on my Crystal Report!  This seems like it should be very easy but I cant get it to work.

I tried inserting 2 formula fields into my report.  According to the Crystal Reports website it should be as easy as .....

rpt.FormulaFields.item(1).text = "MyLocation

But I dont even get a "FormulaFields" option via Intellisense in VB.NET?  Can someone let me know how to do this correctly?


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This code is used with VS2005 and Crystal Reports XI R2.

On your Crystal Report make a parameter field called ReportHeader1, and place it on you report.

Then in the code to load the report:

Dim cr As New TestReport
cr.SetParameterValue("ReportHeader1", "This is a test header!")

Load the report as usual after that..

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Thanks for the comment. I'm wondering if my issues revolve around the fact that I am displaying my report via the Crystal Report Viewer control?   This is what I did.

1.) I put a paramenter field called ReportHeader1 on my Report (called rptMain)
2.) On my form I have a Crystal Report Viewer Control whose report source = rptMain.
3.) On the Run Report button click event I put

Private Sub RunReport_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RunReport.Click

rptMain.SetParameterValue("ReportHeader", "This is a test header")


End Sub

These are the problems I am running into.

I keep getting the Crystal Reports 'Enter Parameter Values' prompt.  If I type something in it succesfully adds it to my report.  However, I dont want this prompt, I would like to pass the value based on the contents of the fields on my form.  In order to view the value I passed the parameter I need to refresh the report.  Everytime I refresh it, I get the prompt which overwrites my values?   Do you know how I can bypass this prompt?

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