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VBScript to determine active node holding the cluster group

I'm trying to write a script to initiate a failure on a cluster group to another node, I want the behavior to mimic the behavior when you right-click a resource in cluster administrator, and select "initiate failure".

This snippet below is using the FailResource method, but doesn't seem to initiate a failure for the cluster group, it seems to be just for testing, it looks to just fail the individual resource for a moment and that's it.

Any ideas to initiate a true failure like you can in the GUI of Cluster Administrator?

I was able to use the MoveToNewNode method of the MSCluster_ResourceGroup Class, but then if I code in the name of that node, and it's already on that node, that doesn't meet the requirements... I must do one of the following:

A. Initiate a true failure like you can in the GUI of Cluster


B. Determine the node holding the cluster group, so I can use the MoveToNewNode Method to move the group to another node.

As a bonus, is there a way to determine when the cluster failed over?
Set colResourceList = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
("Select * from MSCluster_Resource WHERE Name = 'TestResource'")
For Each objResource in colResourceList

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