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Configure exchanges smtp server to send mail for remote clients

  I have a number of remote users who I want to connect to our exchange server. If i configure a pop3 account in outlook assigning the exchange server wan IP adress as both pop3 and smtp they can collect mail fine but cannot send due to the relaying restrictions. how can i configure the exchange server and or mail clients so that i can allow them to send their emails through the exchange smtp server when they are out of the office, each user would be connecting through various isp's - at airports, hotspots etc. without using a vpn for each?

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You would want them to make a VPN connection, so that they're authenticated to your server and are allowed to relay. If you open up your relay restriction (and have it open for everyone) you risk of becomming target of spammers that relay through your server.


The easiest way to do so is perhaps setup RPC over HTTP or maybe OWA for those on the road.
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You cannot guarantee that those users will be able to send email via your SMTP server from all locations. Many places will block access to remote SMTP servers to stop their services from being abused.

You need to use something that will not use SMTP - so that is either a VPN, RPC over HTTPS or OWA. Of the three, the most secure for the integrity of your network is OWA, then RPC over HTTPS and finally VPN. If these users are going to use machines that are not under your control then you should be looking to avoid VPN.