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Add contacts to distribution group in Outlook 2007.

I would like to add contacts to a distribution group in Outlook 2007.  The Outlook 2007 is setup for an Exchange 2007 mailbox.  How are contacts, that are not part of the Global Address, added to a local distribution group.  I see the GAL and Outlook Address Book as options to browse contacts to add to the group.  The OAB has no contacts to add and I don't want this group comprised of users in the GAL.  Please advise.
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From within Contacts view:

--New Distribution List
--Select Members
--Under "Address Book" drop down, select "Contacts"
--Select desired addresses from your saved Contacts
--Save & Close

Does this work for you, or do you receive an error?  Do not use "All Contacts."
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When I go through this process and select "Contacts" to view the desired recipients to add to the group, I only see other groups.  I cannot see any of the contacts
When you select "Contacts" in Outlook (outside of Dist List creation), can you see the desired recipients?
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Yes.  I can see all of my contacts.  However, I cannot see them when I try to add to a group.
try to do these operations:
Tools-->e-mail accounts-->Add a new directory or address book-->Additional Address book-->Outlook address book.
This will help you to see your contacts everywhere in the software.
Then, when you'll try to add contacts to a distribution list, you'll find them all.
Try and let me know.
Hope it helps.
Ciao ciao
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That helped some. However, It only allows me to create a Mobile Address Book.  The Mobile Address Book only shows contacts that entries in the mobile phone field.  When I try to create an "Additional Outlook Address Book" it states that I can't because it already exists.  Thanks for the advice thus far and please advise when time permits.    
in that moment you are doing these steps?: New-->distribution list-->Select members-->select show names from the -->contacts
nothing is displayed?
Let me know.
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When I try New > Distribution List > Select Members > Click the drop-down menu and choose "Contacts (Mobile) under Mobile Address Book, I can see all my contacts that have a number in the Mobile phone field.  However, I cannot see my other contacts.  And, as I stated above, Oulook will not allow me to create an additional OAB.  Thanks in again for your assistance.
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I have the same problem as fhmc.  I checked and there is no filter on.