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Find Daylight Savings Day

I am trying to think of a  function that I can pass in a month   and  have the function return a daylight savings day if it exists.

Ie     pass  in the current month  and year  and it will bring back  a dattime  of a day if there is a  day in that month affected by  daylight savings time.    I'm not sure if there is some calculation with datetime  that I can do to figure this out where daylight savings time is.

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check this one out it addresses your concern

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Take a look at There's a function in one of the comments that help correct a Day Light Saving day problem there.
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that is close to what I am looking for it checks a specific day.    

I just want the date returned  when the daylight savings hour exists.    so   I give is   March 2008  and it returns which day in that month has daylight savigns hour.     I don't really want to pass it a month then loop through each day checking it  to figure that out I was hoping there was some datetime manipulation that could  find that day.
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Rename the attached file from .txt to .vbs and double click on it to get what you want. Study the code too to understand the functions and calls used. I AM NOT THE AUTHOR. For rights and whatever (I don't know if there are any) See