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.NET disable a submit button on click and validate the page

I have a button below that does almost what I want it to do.  But if the page does not pass the validation if stays disabled.  Is there a way to reenable the button if the page was not submitted?

<asp:Button ID="SubmitButton1" runat="server" BackColor="Navy" ForeColor="White"
                            Height="50px" Text="Save Shifts" UseSubmitBehavior="false"  OnClientClick="this.disabled=true;this.value='Please Wait...';" Width="100px" OnClick="SubmitButton1_Click" />
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since it looks like your validation is being done on the server via postback, couldn't you just say in your code (assuming C#) (psuedo-code):

if (passedValidation) {
    SubmitButton1.Enabled = true;
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It's not being done on the server.  It is being done client side.
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i don't see how it's validating on client-side... you're only telling the button to disable itself and change its text onClientClick.

is your validation in the "SubmitButton1_Click" function?

i'm missing where your making an outreach to client-side script for validation.
The validator is just checking to see if there is a date in a box and if an item was selected out of a dropdown.   Like this:
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator2"
                                runat="server" ControlToValidate="programddl" ErrorMessage="RequiredFieldValidator"
                                InitialValue="Please Select a Program">**</asp:RequiredFieldValidator>
Any thoughts?
Ok I decided to do the validation client side and I used this code in the submit button:
OnClientClick="this.disabled=true;this.value='Please Wait...';
The author's last comment shouldn't be accepted as the solution, for one. The code snippet posted in that comment still doesn't address the issue he originally posted (which I believe I answered). It is only including the "OnClientClick" code from his original question... DISABLING the button.

The author's original question was specifically this:
"Is there a way to reenable the button if the page was not submitted?"

I gave both a server-side AND client-side solution to this question.
I don't think you answered my question.  You did it as if I was validating in the code.  I was trying to validate with the visual studio validators.  My question was never fully answered so I went with another way because I need this project done.
your question was pretty simple and specific... how to re-enable a button.

"You did it as if I was validating in the code":
the code that you use to validate was never brought to my attention, nor did it need to be. i simply gave you an example of how to re-enable a button, either with javascript (client-side)... or C# (server-side). it doesn't matter HOW you choose to validate, you're gonna have to use javascript or C# to eventually get that button enabled again if you disabled with code in the first place (javascript).

i don't want to create a big fuss over some points, but you have to realize that experts use their own time to answer your questions. i would at least request that another expert review and advise.
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Force accepted.
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