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Network solution for exchanging information while working on the field

My company is interested in having some sort of network that will allow us to communicate with each other while we are on the field. We are working throughout the country and the idea is that our field workers can access some information that is sent from the base office. We would also like to know the location of our workers, and to be able to send them some resources (files).

What type of equipment do we need to achieve this? What type of communication can we use for this purpose? There is no such thing as wireless internet conection that is available through whole country (nor any other type of internet connection), and we should be able to communicate with our workers when they are outside the country, too). What methods would be the best for implement such a solution? Is there some software that can provides us with this functionality and what is the average cost of this software? How much is the average cost of maintaining this project? Securing the information that is exchanged is very important.

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There is no 2 sites. There should be one place (like a web server, and workers should connect to this web server).

In my country I can't rely on internet providers, since for example, if our worker goes to work in some factory, there isn't any internet connection that he can connect notebook to, at least there isn't any in the production part of the factory. I am more interested in some solution, if possible, like maybe some sort of a satelite connection, maybe using gps, or possibly gsm. remember I need to locate workers. Is there some solution that will not depend on internet providers (I don't want to rely on ADSL, Cable, Dial up, wireless - those are the connections that are available in my country)?

Well we use satellite at remote locations where there is no cable/dsl/etc
I dont know if you have companies like this where your at but something like works for me.
Let me know if you have more specific questions.
Well, we will need to make some software that will need to provide following functionality:

1) get the location of our workers on the field
2) exchange information with them while there are on the field

We need to know what communication channels can we use for this kind of communication. Normal internet providers that will require a wired connection are not an option. Also wireless internet is not available throughout the country. So we are looking for some other communication channels, like GSM or satellite or some other. One of th important factors is the price of communication channel. I need some start info so I can do further research. Like, we don't know whether we are able to exchange information using GSM (normal messaging like SMS is not the best option) - is it possible at all. Also , are there some GPS devices that can allow us to exchange information. etc
I have seen guys with PDA devices that are used in this context, so I am interested in what way do they manage to exchange information.
What kind of information needs to be exchanged?

You could always set up a blackberry server and give the field workers a blackberry this will allow them to access email from anywhere and pull up attachments as well.
Sorry for not responding earlies, but I was waiting for some guy to show me the software which they use, and is what my firm is looking for. If I am not mistaken the software name is Nomad, and can be used on any PDA with Windows Mobile. It uses GPRS for data transfer. With this software he can connect to server, and see the clients data, bills, print an invoice, create new order, etc. This is what I am looking for. Can you point me to some software, resource, SDK, that can help me build such a software?

As I have said in above post, software name is Nomad, not hardware. It was installed on some HP PDA, not sure which one. I am interested in what is the best (and most secure) way to create this software to achieve the above tasks,