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Reload command on 6509

Hey experts,

I'm a Jr. Level engineer and today I saw one of our Sr. Engineers do this. He was testing failover. We have two 6509s used as our cores. We'll call it Core A and Core B. Core A has a trunk connection to Core B. He was on a pc connected to a port on CORE A and started a continuous ping from his pc to outside intenet. He then issued a RELOAD command and there was no packet loss at all.
The 6509s both have dual Sup720s. I'm sure that the traffic got routed to COREB during the reload, but I'm wondering exactly what the reload does. I thought it brings everything on Core A down, but evidently not since traffic was getting routed to core B.
Also dumb question..but ,was traffic getting "Fowarded as Layer 2" to core B or Routed as Layer 3 to Core B? I would think it was getting forwarded as layer 2 to core B and Core B did the routing and switching.
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Also I just found out by doing a "show standby" that there is an HSRP group configured between CORE A and CORE B. So I guess that answers my question then..the reason it didnt drop any packets is because even though COREA went down during the reload, the HSRP virtual interface was always up. Can someone confirm?
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