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Unlocking Word 2007 Document

I have a Word 2007 Document with fields. The fields are able to be edited, but the main document is not. The file is not protected, but I cannot find how to unlock the entire document and not just the fields for editing. Thank you.
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As a follow up question, once the document is unprotected and I have made changes, how do I protect it back? In the bar that comes up on the right, the options to protect are grayed out.
You may have to click the "Allow ony this type of editing in the document" check box, and then click the drop-down from No Changes (Read Only) to "Filling in Forms"

A Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button will then be available.

Dawn Crosier
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Those options are grayed out.
Can you show me a screen shot?

I am having the same issue. The employees that created the document is no longer with us and we do not know the password. How do I remove the password?
I have the same problem as the original question, however, my word file requires a password to unprotect it. I do not have the password. Is there anyway to recover/remove the password?