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When you remote desktop, bring over your local printer on the server

When using windows XP SP2, I have a local printer (HP Laserjet P1505) and when I remote desktop into my server, I need it to make it available on my windows 2003 server standard as an option.  Please see attached picture for details. My local printer is HP LaserJet 6P, and when I log on to my server, it makes it available for me to print to.
When I remote desktop, I've already selected the option to bring over the printer as a resource, but it's not working.

Any thoughts or ideas, much appreciated.
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As long as the driver for the printer exists on the remote server you shouldn't have a problem.
From the jpg, it does show that the HPLJ6P is available for you to print in the Remote session.
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So I probably need to add the driver for the HP P1505 on the server, and then it will display it.  That's probably my problem.  I will try that.

It's not the HP laserjet 6, but it's the 1505 that is the problem.
Check your server's event viewer to check whether the server has the appropriate driver.
If the server doesn't have the driver installed, install the driver:
 in control panel > printers right mouse click in the printers screen and click properties for server
On the driver tab you can add a driver without actually installing a printer.
You need to share the printer, and install the drivers on the remote computer.

Please let me know if you need further help

Hope this helps

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I did that, I installed the driver, but it just doesn't print from the remote printer.  WHen I look at the status, it just says "spooling", and nothing happens.

I could print locally though, so I know the printer works fine, it's just printing from the remote server does not work still.
My guess is that you need to install the printer with an internet port, not as a local port. OR Maybe the document you're printing to too heavy and it could take a while to spool it.

I have setup a remote printer on my dedicated server and it prints ok

Please try and let us know

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how do I installed the printer with an internet port? The printer is carried over from my local computer, it's not actually installed on the server, the server just makes it available from the local PC.  
I will try a blank document and just type test in it.
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What kind of connection does that printer have?  This article might apply..
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that didn't work. I can't figure out why it's not working.
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It's just a USB printer, and it works fine on the local laptop.  It's when I remote desktop into a server that the printer does not appear there as an option. The printer driver is installed and I selected the option to make available the printer when connecting.

Any other thoughts?
For USB printer -- check out "" on Section "Windows-Based Virtual Machine Setup".
For USB printer -- check out "" on Section "Method 3: Configure USB Printing -- Windows-Based Virtual Machine Setup".
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well, that's only for MACs, that doesn't apply to me, as I have a windows PC with a USB printer and I'm trying to print from an application on my Windows server 2003 to my local printer on my PC.
My apology. My mind was drifted from "Remote Desktop" to "Virtual PC".
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no problem, so does ANYone have any other thoughts how to make this work?

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So how do I know which printer is a PCL or a GDI printer?  Where exactly do I look at when purchasing the printer, as it's not labeled on the specs.
That is different for each printer of course, but the printer languages are always mentioned in the (detailed) specs i think. Or you can check on
Look for Standard printer languages of the HP CB611A#BEL, it says LIDIL. The HP CB419A syas host-based printing, which is the general term for Windows printing / GDI printing / LIDIL / PPA)
Just look into it on google and become a printer driver expert also ;)

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server has cool a new feature:
The Terminal Services Easy Print driver. It doesn't need any extra drivers installed on the server anymore (see my first post above ;) ) But I don't think that will solve the LIDIL problems :(
The P1505 is on the terminal server supported products list (P1006) is not, although HP says it's supported, if you google this you will see many folks having problems with it..
I bought a P1006 and it failed and HP said it wasn't supported.. When asked what I could use they replied P1505..
although there is a problem, it is on the supported Citrix/Terminal server document..
I solved that problem using compatible driver. In that specifc model the laserjet III driver works just fine without loss of speed or quality.