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Maximized window but not all windows

In a windows application VB.Net 2005
I have a form tha I would like to display Maximimized, no problem there, I adjust the WindowState of the Form to Maximized and done!
The problem is that after opening this form all other forms opened  become maximized as well

How can I prevent that?

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Is this a MDI application?
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Yes, It is, and the window that I am maximizing opens inside the parent MDI continer.
Unfortunately, the way that container works is that all forms within it are either maximized or not.
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But If I open  one form maximized then close it... why the others the became maximized? even the former one is closed...I do not get what is the idea behind that behaviour... nor how to avoid it.

Any ideas?
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The functionality you're seeing is just the built-in functionality of the MDI forms. I believe they do it that way to keep MDI applications consistant.

Did the code Sancler posted help?
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I twiked a little bit the syntax, but the Idea is wat it counts

Thank you