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Logon script does not run, but rest of GPO does!

I have an OU with myself and one other person in it.  I just created a GPO and linked it to this OU with two settings.  The first setting is an IE Maintenance setting that shows some words at the top of IE.  The second is a small .bat file that simply maps two network drives.  The .bat file is saved in the \\DC\SysVol and DC\NetLogon shares in the scripts location.  If I double click on the .bat fil, it runs fine, however it does not run when I logon/logoff...It appears that the GPO runs though, beacuase that first IE setting goes through.

The only other GPO we have is the Default Domain Policy which simply maps two other drives...Help?  Should the new GPO and the Default be "Enforced" and "Link Enabled" or not?  What am I missing?
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"Link Enabled" should definitely be checked, because that's what links the GPO to the OU.  "Enforced" means that no other GPO will override the settings in this one, regardless of its priority setting (unless of course a higher-priority GPO has conflicting settings and is also set to "Enforced").
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Well, I'm glad to hear you got it resolved!