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Can't find tape drive

I was having problems trying to perform a backup of our server using Veritas Backup Exec 9.1. The backup kept failing and with the error codes, our vendor suggested that we replace the tape drive under warrant. We replaced the drive (SCSI) with the same make and model.  Now Veritas Backup exec sees the tape drive but Windows (server 2003 R2) device manager doesn't see any tape drives.

How do I readd a missing device to the device manager? I tried the add new hardware wizard and it shows nothing. Also I don't have any warning icons in device manager.
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Just to make sure, have you made sure that the devices are properly terminated?

I had this problem a few months back with a dell tape drive and after 3 weeks of debugging it turned out I hadn't put the terminator on the drive
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I did check the jumpers on the old and new drive. They are identical.

The option by qlenn seems feasible. However, I won't be able to get a change window for at least a week as our new software is being released late next week.
Sorry for the delay accepting. I couldn't get a change window.