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location.replace javascript


i have this link wich is using location.replace but it is not working:

<a href="errrep.asp?TRANSEQ=<%= Request.Querystring("transeq") %>" onclick="location.replace('itmAl.asp');"><img src="../images/ErrorReports_a.gif" border="0" /></a>

the itmAl.asp is a navigation error page that is suppose to go to the browser history instead of errrep.asp and is suppose to come up when hitting the browser back button.

may be i have some syntax error or isn't it suppose to work like this?????
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i want to also use location.replace when submitting form. is that possible??? how must i set it up????
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I think you meant:
onclick="location.href ='itmAl.asp';">
BTW: The replace method takes two arguments: the first is the string or expression to search for, and the second is the "thing" to replace it with. So, yes , you were using it incorrectly. It also does not do inline replace.
So if I have this:
 var x = "Good";
simply doing:

will NOT replace change the value of x to Mood. If you wanted to do that, you would need to "catch" the returned value of the replace:
x = x.replace("G","M");

In case it was not clear, this is what I was suggesting:
<a href="errrep.asp?TRANSEQ=<%= Request.Querystring("transeq") %>" onclick="location.href='itmAl.asp'"><img src="../images/ErrorReports_a.gif" border="0" /></a>
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The replace function is different for location and for string.  location.replace('URL') is valid syntax but it will not add a new entry into the IE History so you cannot click back and get to the page you'll be calling itmAl.asp from.

You want location.href= as Sage has suggested, this enters an entry in the History list.
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Oh, I didn't see that's what you were trying to do.  Yes, use errrep to switch the pages and make sure if you use a page like that to use location.replace because that will prevent errrep.asp from being added to the history.  If you used location.href= there then errrep.asp would be added to the history and hitting 'Back' would give the annoying error of constantly forwarding you again (I'm sure we've all experienced sites like that).
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i solve it this way:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onbeforeunload = function() {
That looks like a recipe for disaster...