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MSN Money is not working on multiple computers

My boss uses MSN Money to keep track of his investments on more than one computer ideally.  Up until about 3 weeks ago, he was using it on his work, home, and notebook computers..  I am currently in the process of replacing his home PC with a brand new computer and setting up MSN Money on the new machine.

Currently, only his work PC are displaying his account correctly.  When I log into his MSN account on any other computer it pulls up a generic list of stocks, but not his.

I tried restoring the data file with a backup from his functional working computer and I get an error stating that the email address and password used to secure the backup file are not the same used to log into the account.  But in fact, they are.

I am dumbfoudned.  I was under the impression that the Passport account stores his information so that he is able to log into multiple PC's and receive the same stock list.  Is this not the case?  If so, please oh please help me set it up that way.

Thank a bunch!

Marc Spears
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email address and password used << gee that's so typical of msn, but does have a valid point, how are you accessing his account?
 i suggest the best work around and quickest solution i hope is to login to hotmail account via a website, you may need to check his .net passport is operating.

this is my access point  outside of messenger
so not sure what it will say but this is oneway to access or get his msn account without messenger and get it functioning from another computer, I dont think he can log in while logged in on his own PC.
please make sure he is logged out on the main.

or click on MSN here
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Thanks for your reply, Merete:

When logging into the link you provided, get a message stating that we currently use another service for e-mail, click here to setup hotmail.

He does not currently and has no interest in using hotmail, he simply wants his MSN Money account to function on more than one PC.

You mention that you don't think he can log into one computer (MSN Money, I presume) while logged into another.  This might be the case, since MSN Money will want to prevent you from overwritting your data file by having the account open twice.  If this is the case, then I find it funny that he is just now having this issue after using MSN Money for years.

I will try to check his account from my PC after making sure that it is not open on his PC.

In the meantime, do you have anymore suggestions?  I'm not hopeful that this will fix the issue and would really love to have a solution for my boss soon.

Thanks again for the help!

Marc Spears
Hello....Is anyone out there??

As a last resort, you can always call MS product support.

If the computers used by your boss do not have IE7 installed, then run the following program and see what it reveals:

Protected Storage Password Viewer by Nir Sofer

"...reveals the passwords stored on your computer by Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and MSN Explorer. The passwords are revealed by reading the information from the Protected Storage."

IE7 does not use Protected Storage like IE6, so look here for the other utility if IE7 is installed:
boaq2000 and BillDL,

Thank you both for your responses!  Boaq2000, in my experience, MS Product Support is rarely helpful and when they are I doubt it is for free apps like MSN Money.  Worse case scenario, I'll break down and give them a call.

BillDL,  I will use the links you mention to obtain password information and post back my experience but I am not clear how revealing the password used by the accounts will help resolve our issue...  What am I too do with the information gained from these apps?

Thanks again guys!

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Hi BillDL,

His laptop does use IE7, so I ran the corresponding utility and the only password retrieved was the one that I used to access the experts-exchange site.  Nothing else was listed.  I haven't ran on his work or home PC's yet since this one retrieved no passwords.

Yet, I am still able to view his MSN Moeny account on the laptop.  I've got nothing else that I can think of too try.  Anymore ideas?


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Hey buddy.  We were able to get the MSN accounts straight and now it truely works on any computer.  I decided that I was going to remove all MSN software and 'reset' the browser in order to get the 'fresh' computer perspective.  Well, once MSN Investment Toolbox was removed and the browser reset, when we log into the portfolio....voila - the account that he wants to view is right there!  The best part is he no longer gets an annoying message about backing up his data file each time he closes his broswer and it browses through the stock list much quicker than before.  Thanks for all of your help - I really appreciate it!!  

Marc Spears
Thanks guys!
You're welcome Marc.  Glad you have the issues resolved.  Thank you.