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unattended windows FTP script problems

I am using scheduled tasks to run a script that downloads a bunch of files to our server.  Every once in a while this script hangs at the mget command.  In order to ensure that the files get downloaded everyday we want to configure it to terminate after running for more than an hour (shouldn't take more than 5 minutes if it runs properly).  

My questions are the following

1) has anybody experienced windows FTP hanging for no particular reason?  when it hangs, if i just re-run it it always works perfectly.  it only seems to be an issue when ST runs the script.  is there any way of troubleshooting this?

2) sometimes when i re-run the script, it will prompt me to overwrite some files that it already got the first time around (before it hung).  what command can i add to get it to not prompt me and just overwrite any files that are already there?

3) along those same lines, how can i get it to either A) email me if the script fails so i know to manually re-run it or B) configure it to automatically retry the task?

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wow...great answer.  i think i'm going to look into using a different client as you suggested but if all else fails i have a good blueprint for another option.

thank you!
No problem! Let me know if you need help developing the SS too.
have any 3rd party FTP utilities you'd recommend?