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Where to download STABLE Indy

Ok this is going to sound silly, but I know where to get the latest version of Indy, but there's this disclaimer, saying that the latest versions aren't necessarily stable.

I am using Delphi 6, so I don't want the absolute latest, just a very recent one that has stable components.    Can someone fill me in here on what version I should go with, and perhaps give me a link that does not involve going to one of INDY's partners, eg., Atozed.  

Also, can someone tell me what version of INDY comes with Delphi 6?  How can I tell for myself?




You are being warned. This will provide you with a direct link into our current development files. At various times the files may not compile, or in some cases may cause strange errors. Use at your own risk! However please see the version specific notes below. If you are unlucky enough to download a bad version please try again a little later. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

      Bubelen - Generally quite stable.
      Indy 9 - The Indy 9 snapshot is generally quite stable however on very rare occasions, the pit crew may be working on it which may result in a defective package.
      Indy 10 - Relatively stable but still work in progress. Most of the time it's fine and will compile and work without a hitch. On some occasions however, the pit crew may be in the middle of their work and you may download a defective package." </B>

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you download the latest stable versions from

>> Also, can someone tell me what version of INDY comes with Delphi 6?  How can I tell for myself?

it's version 8. (I think it's been discontinued, I'm not sure though) you go in idglobal.pas and look at gsIdVersion constant.

you can use any version of indy with almost any version of delphi (the problems are with older versions, prior to D6)
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Thanks for that.  

 I was actually at that page before, after clicking on the version I want, either 9 or 10.  I get two choices, download from the development snapshot, which contains warnings about it not necessarily being stable, or download indy plus installer from Atozed.

Neither of these is what I am looking for.  I am looking for a development snapshot, that is known to be stable.  Does the indyproject provide a list of previous downloadable versions to choose from, or must I choose their latest?  

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Sounds good, thank you.  I will accept.

On a different note, what do you think of the NetManage Components?  I am really just looking for a reliable SMTP component.
never heard of it :)

there are lots focomponents out there. some are better than others (components, not the whole component suite).

I preffer indy because it's open source and I can fix any bugs I might encounter on the spot so I'm not bound to them from this point of view ;)

My other alternative is ICS, but those are non-blocking sockets.

I wouldn't be able to advise you of one of the best smtp components. you could open up another question see what other think about smtp comopnents in particular ;)