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word - creat cross-reference to heading

I have a document with form fields and with headings as 16.1.3 etc..
When I try to insert a cross-reference point I either get a message "Request reference is empty" or "0" is enterd as a hyperlink and this takes you tothe reference point.

When "0" is returned this is OK but I'm trying to have the cross-reference heading displayed

1.  Select where I wnat the cross-reference
2. Insert
3. Cross-Reference
4. Selections are heading and heading text
5. Scroll down to find reference point
6. Insert
7. close

Does any one have any ideas as to why the cross-reference point is not displayed or can suggest another way to have a cross-reference point

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To describe your document, it is mostly a large table. In each cell of the second column you have an outline-numbered heading paragraph.

There is no text in the paragraph. Therefore the system cannot display any text at the reference point and gives you the message 'The requested reference is empty' if you ask to display the text.

However, that is not the end of your problems. For form fields to work properly, the document must be have forms protection. This type of protection works by preventing the user from selecting anything except form fields, so the hyperlink won't work.
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I will when the document is finished set the protection, and once completed there shouldn't be any alterations to the main text
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Do you take my point that the Hyperlink won't work once the document is protected?

Good Point! It's late here!

Thanks Dawn
It's past my bedtime, too (half-past midnight). We're all on different continents, I think
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If the reference needs to be update then I'll unlock the documents and get the updates. Cause once the document has been finished that is when it will be finally locked. So all the changes to the cross reference should be captured