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Stop Adobe Flashplayer from automatically updating

Is there a way to stop flashplayer installs on windows 2000/XP machines from prompting the user to install an updated version?

There are about 900 pcs in the enterprise

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Most likely after trying to install Flash plugin, you still had to reinstall it via firefox for it to work, right? If so, you had the same problem as me.

Simply open up a terminal and use
sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree

It will leave flash player intact, and stop trying to install itself at every install.
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sounds like you are talking about Linux.  We are not using Linux on our network.
there is a simple solution to do this , block the access to adobe update server on your router , then it can not check for updates and ask to do the update.
ok fifthelement80... This raises more questions.

Does anyone know the ip of the adobe update server?
Can we only block flashplayer from updating but still allow other adobe products to update?
If the flashplayer cannot reach the update server, does it then notify the user that it cannot reach the update server?
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