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Duplicate emails send when forwarded from an AD User to an AD Contact

Windows 2003
2003 Native Domain
Exchange 2007

I have a set of threaded distribution and security groups.  Let's call them groups, 1 through 5.  Several people are members of several of these groups, but only one person has a duplicate email problem.  This person's User is a member of all 5 groups.  However, his User forwards all email to an AD Contact which represents an outside email address.

So, when someone sends an email to the "All" group, which contains all 5 groups within it, he gets the email 5 times.  Is there a way to alleviate this?
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There are a few things you can check to stop duplicate email messages.

Start by checking Rules to be sure that copies are not being made to the Inbox, and make sure that all your rules end in "Stop Processing" actions.

Then check the task manager to be sure that there is only one instace of Outlook running. Two instances of outlook.exe running can produce two messages arriving at the same time. You will need to then determine why two instances of Outlook were running in the first place.

Another thing you can do is to delete/remove ALL your e-mail accounts and recreate them. This worked for some people.
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This is most certainly not Outlook's fault.  It is related to Active Directory and Exchange.  I know this because I checked the Message Tracking logs on the Exchange server and I can see the email going out from our server 5 times to that outside address.
Possibly a loop between the forward SMTP contact and Exchange User???  Check to make sure Exchange e-mail address is not an alias of forwarded contact.  
Nope.  That's clean.

The User has 2 internal email addresses.
Withing "Exchange General" \ "Delivery Options...", it's set to Forward to the Contact.  The Contact only has the outside address and no other information assigned to it.

The thing that makes it interesting is that he's getting the # of emails exactly based on the # of groups he is in that fall beneath our "All" distribution group.  Something like this:

      |- Group 1
      |- Group 2
      |- Group 3
      |- Group 4
      |- Group 5

...and the email is sending out exactly 5 times to the outside address.  Basically, it's as if AD/Exchange is not seeing that they are all the same recipient and that it should only send once.  This check works fine for all the internal exchange accounts... just not that one outside contact.
If I am following you correctly, you have a user account which is a member of several groups and has mail properties set to forward to an external contact.  Then the external address receives the mail once for each group.

If this is correct, first check the properties of the User account.  Make sure under the Exchange General tab the forwarder is not set to deliver to both the User account AND the forwarding address/contact.  If this is set correctly, then you may want to try putting the Contact in the distribution group in lieu of the User account, if that is an option that is...
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Forward delivery - Yeah, it's set not to deliver to both the User and the Contact... just the Contact.

Yes, it's only the person with the outside address that is having this issue.  No one else.

AD/Exchange's dealing with the email - That's what I was thinking initially, but I was hoping there could have been a way to fix that for the contact.  Thanks for the attempt and the information.
This isn't a fix, but it explains why the issue happens.  Thus, I was able to figure out how to avoid it.
I am having the exact same problem, but there is no forward and no outside address.  Any ideas?