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Resizing boot partition in a Raid 5

We have a DELL Powervault 745n.
There are 4 x 238gb SATA drives in a Raid5 attached to a CERC SATA 1.5/6CH Controller.
There are 2 partitions.
The C:  contains the OS (windows 2003 sp2) 10gb and the remaining 688gb of free space is the data drive D:
There is 300gb free and I'd like to take 50gb-100gb or so and resize the C:
I have tried both Acronis Disk Director 10 and Paragons Enterprise partition manager 8.5 but neither can perform this. It shows no volume to pull the space from.
Since these are 2 seperate volumes & partitons spread across the same array, I thought this was an easy thing to do.
Both are basic disks. Is there a way to accomplish this?
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Is this server a terminal server?

If not, why are you doing this?  10 GB is more than enough.  Instead, if you're having space issues, you should be moving important data to the other drive.  It's a lot less dangerous, probably quicker, and will provide better disk organization.

for information on what you can move, see
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Its a little more complicated. We are now using Platespin to replicate the OS and VMWARE in a remote location for disaster recovery.
We need the C: to have at least double what is being used for creating a snapshot image (per platespin support) In our case, 10gb will not suffice.
Also, it is a standard server, not a TS
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Did you try moving the beginning of the 688 GB partition?
Does Windows Disk Management see both partitions on Disk 0, or is the 10 GB partition on Disk 0, and the 688 GB partition on Disk 1?
They show up as disk 0 and disk 1 (os and data respectively)
Not sure how to move "the beginning" of the 688gb partition
You won't be able to resize the partitions because they setup the RAID 5 array with two different logical drives. To Windows, this is not one hard drive with two partitions, it's seen as two different hard drives.

You would have to get another server and use disk imaging software or tape backup software to resize it. I wouldn't recommend doing this in-place.

Yes, thats what I was afraid of.  Was hoping there was some other software package I hadn't heard of.
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