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Question about RAID 0 and changing RAID controllers

My system died a couple weeks ago.  I cam home to it in a reboot loop and after shutting it down it would not boot.  I mean nothing would come up it was dead even after trying to fix it with current hardware by checking connections.

I was thinking about upgrading anyway so went ahead and go a new motherboard. My old system was a SOYO board with a SIL SATA controller in it that I used to Run a RAID 0 set. with two drive.

I think the drives were ok in the old system so I was going to try and put these drive in the new system which is has an ASROCK mobo with an NForrce 3 Nvidia Raid Controller.

I put the dirves in and turned it on with out changing and setting, and I reiceved an error that windows could not boot becuase of a software or hardware problem (that is summarized) and try reinstalling in repair mode.

So I relized I had not configured the RAID controller so I went into this and setup a RAID 0 Stripped set told it not to clear the date on the disk and rebooted.

Same Error.

I am wondering if I killed my data on the old disk array by creating the new set?  If not is it possible to reuse a RAID 0 set in the first place?

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks for your help.
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The only way to get to the data on those drives is to connect them to the same controller that they were connected to before - If your data is important & valuable enough, most likely professional recovery will be in order - try drivesavers data recovery & they can help - it's not cheap though...


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This is what i was looking for.  I will give the reconstructor a try.  I had always heard that RAID 0 although fast is a little risky without a good backup.  Thanks for your help.
You're most welcome.