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Rule Management software add on - does it exist?


I have a awful lot of rules in my Outlook 2007. To me it seems a great way to organise email basically creating a folder for anyone who emails me regularly and making there email go directly to that folder.

However, when you have a few rules setup, it becomes a REAL pain managing them. Is there any software add on out there that makes rule editing a bit easier. The window is so small and I have great difficultly finding a rule to edit if I need to or in some cases to be certain that a certain rule exists.

Is there anythign that can do this?

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Looks interesting!!!

Have you used this yourself? Any feedback on it's performance? I've got to the point where I would rather pay for software if it is actually going to resolve the problem with minimum effort and without actually creating more headaches.

I will get round to trying the trial for this but woudl welcome other feedback / suggestions if any.
I haven't used it myself. I am aware of the extreme limitations you are confined to with just the regular rules options, though. So, unfortunately I'm not able to give feedback on it's performance. Looking through its features, it looks very functional.

I use rules, but not as much as you do. I haven't found anything else that is free, other than 30-day free trial software. For a one time, fairly reasonable price, I think it would be worthwhile.
At time of writing I have still not had a chance to test out tis software. but the answer to the question was what I Was looking for so have awarded the points.
Funnily enough I developed some software that overcomes many of the shortcomings of Outlook rules.  Again, it's not free, but not a huge cost and offers a good feature set.