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Exchange distribution group does not send to all members.

We currently have an issue with a distribution group, this group has 8 members included in it. When sending to the group some members do not receive the emails sent to it.

I've sent messages with delivery receipts and it shows delivered for only 6 members.

How do I correct this? I don't see many options that would prevent this, it was working fine. We recently restored a backup of this server as well as the exchange database.

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Try removing the two members in question from the distribution group then re-adding them back in.
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Removed all users and re-added. Delivery receipt for only one user delivered this time.
Is it up to the users to accept delivery of emails with a receipt request?
When I first posted this question I sent a test email to the group with a delivery receipt. (Not read receipt) and it was returned with 6 users.

I followed the advice and deleted all of the users and readded them.

Sent a test email, one receipt retuned.

6/8, deleted, 1/8.
Can you verify that the other 7 have or have not in fact received the test email?

Removing or adding members shouldnt make a difference.
Try closing and reopening your outlook so that the address list may be refreshed. Then try to resend email with delivery receipt. It may also take a few minutes to propagate through the network.
Didn't you just tell me to remove and add members?

They members are not receiving the emails, there is also 20 emails piling up in the queue.

I've tried sending emails to one user who was on this list and affected, he does not return a receipt and does not return a bounceback as well.

Sits in queue with delivery failures.
FYI other emails are being delivered, and these emails in the smtp queue (all local deliveries) are not 'piling' up.

About 1/4 of these emails are to one of the users that was having issues in the dist group, it seems like several of the emails I send to him are failing.

something bigger going on here maybe
Are there any storage limits enabled on these users in question?
No.. I think it might be (RUS) Recepient update services. I'm building it.
This issue is still occurring. Also now several other symptoms seem to have come into play:

An error message is sent back to the sender reading: "Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed."

One user's mail is getting stuck in the SMTP queue. If sends email to himself ge gets the same message.

Other users including this one intermittently get delivery delayed messages.

Exchange troubleshooting assistance comes up with nothing, help!
Pumped up logging on SMTP, Transport, Routing and the Caregorizer, got a hit on that one:

Categorizer encountered a hard error while processing a message.  While processing user '', the function 'CCatExpandableRecip::HrExpandAttribute' called 'pIUTF8->BeginUTF8AttributeEnumeration' which returned error code '0xc0040550' (). ( f:\tisp2\transmt\src\phatq\cat\src\ccatrecip.cpp@3048 )

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

The following call : EcLocallyDeliverMsg to the store failed. Error code : -1605 (Message-ID <A79FFB5AEC78A949AD9FBB064A4C42974D9ADF@AITE-EX01.aitegroup.local>). MDB : eb98675a-0bc5-4d56-b724-7aca2a11cca8. FID : 1-4AA970. MID : 1-4D9ADF. File : .

For more information, click

The cause is unknown, but information store corruption is suspect.
Requested Fix for second KB article:

   Date         Time   Version            Size    File name
   21-Jun-2005  03:00  6.5.7233.28     3,261,952  Mdbmsg.dll      
   04-Jun-2005  01:56                      3,304  Redir.asp
   21-Jun-2005  03:33  6.5.7233.28     5,176,832  Store.exe    

I have sp2 installed and my version is:


Is there anything scanning the information store, such as anti-virus software?
Have heard few similar instances where active scanning of the information store has lead to corruption. Various Outlook errors reported by end-users some similar to yours.

There is no AV software installed on the system only POSTINI (hosted filtering). Also the second KB has a hotfix that only applies to SP1.

Back to square one.
Wondering if the profiles belonging to the members of the group have become corrupt somehow?
Wonder if recreating their profiles would fix it?
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