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Cannot connect to remote desktop

We are having trouble connecting to a computer using remote desktop connection.

When attempting to connect the following error message appears:

"the remote computer has ended the connection"

We brought the computer back to our office and on our network we cannot connect and get a similar error message:

"Your Remote Desktop session has ended, possibly for one of the following reasons:

The administrator has ended the session.
An error occured while the connection was being established.
A network problem occured.

For help solving the problem, see "Troubleshoot Remote Desktop problems" in Help and Support."

We have checked that remote desktop is enabled and that the port is not blocked in Windows Firewall.

Using NETSTAT the port shows as listening. We can also TELNET to that port without problem. I have searched Google extensively and have tried the suggsted downgrade of TERMSSRV.DLL which made no difference.

The operating system is Windows XP SP2 and updates are up to date.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Graham N.
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Have you used the "windows update" website and downloaded and installed the "Remote Desktop" update for Windows XP SP2 - it doesn't come down with the automatic updates - you have to use the "Windows Update" routine with "Custom" option and then select it from the list of optional updates. The problem you describe sounds remarkably like the fix that this update is supposed to address.
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Yes, I had already installed this update and it didn't help. Thank you for your response.
turn off windows firewall - and if you just updated windows it will take a couple of reboots - potentially - old bug
seems some system files are corrupted , you may try to repair your windows.
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