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Forms Authentication - make only one page anonymous access without changing page location

I have a web application where the root directory of the application is protected by role-based access (this is because it is part of a larger suite that uses Single Sign On via shared forms authentication encryption keys).  However, now I need to change the accessibility of a single page in the root to be accessible anonymously - and I can't change the url, because we have several business partners who are linking to it.

Is there anyway to make just a single page accessible anonymously?  Preferably I would be able to do this either via an attribute or other programmatic means.  I thought about perhaps using the PrinciplePermissionAttribute, but I couldn't figure out a way to *decrease* the required roles.

If modifying the web.config, than it would need to be via a linked in configuration section, since the root web.config is shared among all applications in the suite.
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Ok, what you gave me works perfectly.

To avoid modifying the root web.config in the repository that would affect all applications in the suite, I added a section to the build task to insert it dynamically into the root web.config for only this specific application.

Thanks for the help!