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D2007: ImageList crashes the IDE

I'm having some odd problem with imagelists. Try this:

- make a bitmap of 417x44 (Ive tried different sizes too, bigger than just icons etc)
- set the imagelist to that size
- add the picture
- click ok
- click run or save, the IDE freezes and starts using 100% cpu until I have to close it

Is there a size limitation?

I'm using Delphi 2007 sp3
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Read the 03.06.2008 entry by developmentguru:
It's not an answer, but it is a good clue.
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thanks, monitoring. it seems to be a different issue though, mine is that the IDE just freezes
try these simple steps:

open a new project, drop an imagelist, set it to 300x300, load a picture even if it's smaller

try running or saving, the ide freezes while using 100% cpu
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doing "View as Text" on the form has the same effect
Yep. I followed your steps and I got your result. I do not know what the solution is. This may simply be a bug in the IDE and you may have no choice but to find a work around.
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