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Convert Wordperfect 5 to Office 2003/2007

One of my clients have a total of 2GB in wordperfect 5 files. He's willing to convert those files onto office 2003/2007 files.
But obviously, he doesn't want to convert those files one by one.

is there an utility or software that can convert several thousands of these files at the same time?
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oh.. and you probably will need your office CD to update/load the conversion tool so have that ready.
Purchase or download a free trial.  Does back to Wordperfect 5x, but I didn't see where it will to more than 1 at a time...I could have missed that though.  If I find anything else I will add it.
good call dauman...didn't even think about that.  Here is a little help with installing the wizard...
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Good one! it works