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Interoperability with Exchange 2003 and 2007

I'm planning to setup a separate domain and forest and install the Exchange 2007 to integrate with existing Exchange 2003 in its own domain and forest. However, two forest has been related together by two-way trusts.

Each user account in old domain will has a correponding account in the new domain. I want to move the mailbox from Exchange 2003 to 2007, then granted the mailbox to both users  in these two domain. In this case, can the mailbox be able to login with both domainA\sam and domainB\sam . The rationale for doing this is to ensure existing Outlook profile could keep working while the mailbox is moved to Exchange. As I see it will take time for all users to totally use the new domain before kicking out the old one. Will it work ? Any comment for this setup ?

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Thanks for couldn' t get the details clearly how it work.

We have two separate domain under its own forest. One install with Exchange 2007 and the other is Exchange 2003. Users in DomainA has setup with Exchange 2003 and we want to move all users to DomainB under Exchange 2007.

I have think of using exmerge to export all emails from DomainA. Afterwards, load it into the Exchange 2007 mailboxes in DomainB. Although each account in Domain A has created a correpsonding entry in DomainB, it couldn't reply those old mails from DomainA as the user couldn't be recongized. Is there any way to fix it ?
mailmig /m - you have to run it with the switch from the command line

what this does is to stamp the migrating mailboxes with the legacyechangedn from the original system and lets replys to email sent from the original system to be routed correctly into the migrated mailboxes