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Configuring SMTP Virtual server for sending only

We have an application server that should generate automatic emails containing reports. This exists in a different hosted environment from our standard email server.

Things have been fine until this week when we have started getting blacklisted by CBL due to the FQDN that we are using on the report server.

Our standard email address is

From the reports server we set the from address to

Our reports server does have reverse DNS configured on it.
So server ip is and reverse dns gives

Whilst configuring the SMTP server I initially just set the FQDN to be the same as the reverse dns.
This is now giving us problems.

We do not want to accept inbound emails to this server as our main mail server gets these.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to configure the SMTP settings to avoid getting blacklisted.
All recipients have requested that these reports are sent to them but CBL decided that was not enough.
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Not really what I was after.
We are just using the SMTP virtual server that comes with WS2003 and IIS 6.0

It is to do with the FQDN that I am having problems.

Our reverse dns and IP address match.

What I need is some guidelines on what you can set the FQDN to be.

If I was to set it to be would it matter if there was no MX record for this if the A record and PTR both exist bearing in mind that I am not expecting any inbound mail as any replies to the outgoing email come through our standard mail server.
i think you really should start with changing the name of your server. scond create a rule for receiving emails.

do not give the mail server and the report server the same name

waiting for your reply
It is not possible to change the name of the server and I should be able to get around this by just setting the FQDN in the SMTP settings I thought.

Do you know of any sites that give guidelines on what the FQDN should look like or can look like.

The application reports server is hosted from within a range of IP addresses so I cannot have the IP address assigned a name although I did manage to get them to provide a reverse dns. Would using a FQDN which has the same domain as the final part of the reverse dns do the job?
with a different starting part. yes

waiting for your reply
So for example

Reverse lookup gives

Could I therefore create an FQDN of even though this does not exist?
I have just tried this and when I click on the Check DNS it says that it is not valid.

The only thing it accepted was just

This was in the FQDN field of the advanced delivery tab.

Should I have done
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Managed to get our provider to improve our reverse DNS and also got a proper FQDN out of them.