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Sudo Access on Solaris

Hi Experts,

I have a script which is owned by user1. I want user2 to be able to execute this script for which i want user2 to use sudo. So far i have tried this..


User_Alias  TEST = user1
Runas_Alias TEST = user1

user2    ALL=(TEST) ALL

Now when i try the following command i get an error:

[user2@sun4]$ sudo ./
Sorry, user user2 is not allowed to execute './' as root on sun4.

I am not sure why or how i can execute the script of user1 using sudo

Thanks in advance
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Here example on how to use sudo:

Entry in /etc/sudoers

dgb    boulder = NOPASSWD: (operator) /bin/ls, /bin/kill, /usr/bin/lprm

The user dgb may run /bin/ls, /bin/kill, and /usr/bin/lprm -- but only as operator.  E.g.,

  $ sudo -u operator /bin/ls

In your case:

user2    boulder = NOPASSWD: (user1) ./

Here some useful links:
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