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Sending Large Mails


ok heres our setup we have a Windows 2003 AD together with exchange 2003 mail server. The mail server sends and receives mail via an DSL line. All works well. However we do now have a requirement to send out mails that maybe 200MB-300MB in size sometimes. So my question is will this work and if so whats the best way to do it. I mean should i be telling exchange look any mails over 15MB in size go out over this "new DSL" line i have used only for sending large mails.

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If you find out that the target systems will accept such huge mails - why not send everything out via the same connection?
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i tried that and it did not send i just presumed it had something to do with dsl not liking it
dsl will neither like nor dislike anything it is a connection, nothing more than that

what errors did you get? and what does your outbound mailrouting look like?