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when using standard vb6 MAPI control with Windows Mail i cant sign on if Windows mail is already open

When using VB MAPI control 5.0 with Windows Mail (Vista) I get an "error: 32003 Login has failed"
This error only occurs if an instance of Windows Mail is open while the MAPISession.SignOn is called.
How do send MAPI if Windows Mail is open. Is there a way around this ?  Thanks for your time in advance..
With Form1.MAPISession1
           .DownLoadMail = False
            .LogonUI = True
            .Password = MAILUserName
            .UserName = MAILpassword
             .SignOn              '<--- if WinMail is open.. error
             .NewSession = True  
            Form1.MAPIMessages1.SessionID = .SessionID
    End With

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Thanks for the links