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Guide to restore laptop to orginial factory settings

I want to restore my Sony Vaio laptop to the original factory settings, as its performance is starting to slow down, but to fix the errors would take days.  I now have an external hard drive to backup the computers settings, so next time Im in this position I will not need to uninstall everything (including Vista and Office 2007).
The laptop came with Vista preinstalled, so I have downloaded the 3 DVDs to get started, so can someone give me a step by step guide of everything I need to do to delete the current errors and viruses to make a fresh start (which I will save onto my external hard drive to avoid haveing to repeat this process
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Kamaraj Subramanian
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check out the following links

if you have a recover CD/DVD from sony then use that disc to make ur laptop to factory settings one..


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what Sony vaio model?
normally, what you ask will be done by imaging the disk, once it is newly installed.
to do this, you wipe everything, and reinstall everything, till it is as you wish; then make an image of it, that you can put back in case of problems
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cheers.  that was exactly what i did - pretty easy to do myself as well