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Creating a test network on one PC

Hi all, i have some experience of networking and server 2003 but am completly new to VMWare. I would like to use it to set up a small network so i can improve my 2003 Server knowledge. I am using a quad core, 4gb ram machine with one Nic card. Is it possible for me to create 3 virtual machine and connect them up so they can communicate? My initial attempt has failed, ive create 2 server 2003 machines and given them both static ip addresses, but they cant ping each other. Could someone please help?

p.s I have setup the virtual machines to use bridged networking? not sure if thats right?
and i havnt set a gateway address in the tcp/ip properties on either machine because i have no idea what to put in there. Thanks for you help
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Tomas Valenta
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Spot on, thanks for the help Tom