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Change video card of laptop

I have an Acer 5580 laptop. Is it possible to change the video card to a dedicated video card such as an ATI or GeForce 250 MB dedicated video card? If so, does anyone know of some good step-by-step tutorials (with video or images) on how I can open up the laptop and change the video card?
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actually ... on any laptop for that matter.
@ xr1140
Some high end alienware and other gaming laptops actually do have replaceable video cards, but mainstream computers yes, that is true. Just thought i'd let ya know :)

tkx for the info Spyd3r05
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One less question I have to think about. I would like to have given credit for the other experts but the last one was a comment only and I would had to have assigned 20 points. Thank you SpYd3r05. =)