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I am just in the process of creating a new domain. I have installed a fresh copy of Server 2003 on a newserver.

I have gone to DCPROMO and selected

[*]Domain Controller for a New Domain
[*]Child Domain in an Existing Domain tree
[*]Inputted the login details - The Domain that i chose is the top dog domain within our existing forest
[*]I then selected the domain from the browse option and inputted a new domain name

Then i get the error message below

DNS was successfully queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate a domain controller for domain DOMAIN NAME.NET:

The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.DOMAIN NAME.NET

The following domain controllers were identified by the query:

(no domain controllers found)
Common causes of this error include:

- Host (A) records that map the name of the domain controller to its IP addresses are missing or contain incorrect addresses.

- Domain controllers registered in DNS are not connected to the network or are not running.

For information about correcting this problem, click Help.

Any advice/support would be great.

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Ciprian Lozonschi
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I have tried all them things and everything successful.
That's good to hear
In your DNS setup do you have a folder called _msdcs.domain-name?
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So in what point are you now ? Have you joined that server to new domain ?