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PIX-PIX-ASA Mesh Topology

We have a SITE A with PIX 525 [ 10.1.1.x ; 10.1.2.x & 10.1.3.x] and SITE B with a ASA [10.1.4.x]. There is an L2L tunnel between the both and it works fine.
Now I have to add another SITE C with a PIX 525[10.1.5.x & 10.1.6.x]
I would like to create a VPN tunnel in a mesh topology as such that all of them can see each other as extended LAN.

So do I just need to create a VPN tunnel from my SITE C to SITE A and from SITE C to SITE B? will that work

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it could be enaugh to create only tunel A-C and correctly setup routing policies.
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I thought you cannot route traffic with PIX...
like the traffic coming from SITE C to SITE A tunnel will not be able to use the tunnel from SITE A to SITE B

 Basically I wont be able to go from SITE A [10.1.5.x or 10.1.6x] to SITE C [10.1.4.x] using the IPSEC tunnel route SITE C--->SITE A---> SITE B

is that correct?
In configuration of the tunnel you specify directions (Policy routing) for what the trafic is directed to the tunnel. Here must be in C router: Site A and also site B and the same config in B site (route to A and C). In firewall configurations (depend on vendor) additionaly you must specify filter rules - allow packet from C flow to the B and vice versa.
For a true mesh, yes you would create tunnels from C->A and from C->B. (tunnels must be configured from both sides/both directions)

This way if site any one site goes down, the other two sites will still be able to reach each other.
when you say both directions ...isnt a tunnel both directions any ways?

MESH topology would mean If tunnel between A-C goes down , A should be able to go to C via B? but I dont think you can do that with PIX

Vendor is Cisco (PIX) do you create policy route on PIX
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