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Ca Brightstor 11.5 media pool management

This is follow question regarding basic media pool management in CA Brightstor Arcserve on windows 2003 server.  (

We are just getting started with our new tapes and letting Arcserve use the GFS media pool.

In my Autoloader, I have the the last three slots blank.  I have six jobs that will run an incremental tonight (friday) and a full weekly tomorrow night (Saturday)

Media prediction report states for each job states that the follwoing media can be used: 1. <BLANK TAPE>.  The media will be formatted as I-WO-FRI- 3/07/08, and for Saturday 1. <BLANK TAPE>  The media will be formatted as W-WO-SAT- 3/08/08.  Now, there are no slot numbers given so of the three blank tapes, how do I know which one will get used?
I have some higher volume tapes that I would like to use for the weekly and monthly.

going forward, once the tapes are no longer <BLANK> how do I know which tapes should be placed where in the autoloader?  By serial number?  

thanks in advance
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All of the 8 loader slots are in one group, and I only have one group.  All the jobs are using this group0
Let me detail the group settings, because I am clearly missing a piece here.
for each job I have on the destination tab:
Group: GROUP0
Media: *
Media Pool :  is blank
Use any group: unchecked
on the schedule tab:
enable GFS:  checked
Media Pool Name: WO
Daily Backup Method:  Incremental

I have six jobs all set up this way - Mon-F - incremental, Sat Full, Sunday off.
This should do just fine, Use  a Global scratch set if you are using different media pools for different jobs. I still cant understand what is causing problems here because of this setup
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Hi shelby

Are all your six jobs GFS rotation jobs or are you referring the number of days the jobs are run as six. If you have six jobs with GFS rotation then you would need daily six tapes  as each GFS rotation job will use one tape and formats it with the unique media name.

With regards to your question of how to run backups those three slots.
Create another group and assign these three slots to the new group where you will be putting those high capacity tapes. You need to manually modify the job on the weekends to run to that group instead of group 0 and once back on monday you need to change the group back to group 0 for the backup job.