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outlook 2003

I am using Outlook 2003, under Tools>options>email options>advanced options>suggest names while completing to,cc fields i have this ticked. But it is not happening when i compose a new message, i have to manually type in the full email address of a person.

Any help needed.
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if you recently changed computers grab the file from
C:\Documents and Settings\the user\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook this file is where the cached names sit. so when you type a few letters of a name in the to or cc line the addresses you sent to before will display.  if you have not emailed that person before the name won't display.  i think that's what your asking for??
the file in the directory above should be named outlook.nk2

if it suddenly stopped working then its probably corrupt.  it has happened to me before.  

try addressing an email and then do another one and see if that name comes up in the auto suggest.  if so, then outlook recreated your .nk2 file and it is building from scratch now.  if not, then its corrupted and you should deleted that file and open outlook and a new one will be created.
oh ps, you could try the inbox repair tool and google nk2 repair and there are some utilities out there that might repair it
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