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help configuring wireless repeater

hi im new to this wireless "scene"

i would like to know a few things when extending the range of a wireless network.
im using an smc ezconnect wireless ethernet bridge that supports acces point function with WDS.
and a wireless ethernet router

1.must the ip range be the same?
2.must the network ssid be the same on both devices?
3.on which channels should the devices broadcast? do i configure wds?

any help will be greatly aprreciated.
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hi chucky charms

Thanks 4 the reply
the situation was eventually solved due to the fact that i found a spare wireless router.
I found it so much easier to run a cable to the second wireless router and used that as an acces point.
Worked like a charm.I know this may sound baffling (about me not solving the eventual problem about the repeater,but i had a client on my back who wanted his wireless network extended).

But thanx 4 anyway your reply ,it opened up my eyes to a few things