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Can't connect to Microsoft Exchange on Palm Treo 700wx.

I am attempting to connect my palm treo 700wx to Microsoft Exchange Server using active sync. Every time I try to do this I either get a message saying that I "have an incorrect SSL certificate common name in the Host Name field" or I get an error message prompting me to re-enter my password. However, I must have the correct server address and password because they are working when I connect to exchange server on my laptop and when I connect via web access. I've put a lot of time into this as has my boss and I am getting nowhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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ASKER luck. I was not able to navigate to that site.
That is your problem then.
Either something is wrong with your SSL certificate, with your DNS or similar. You need to be able to browse to the URL format that I have shown above before you can try and use EAS.

Of course I have presumed that you are using Exchange 2003. You haven't stated which version of Exchange this is. If it is Exchange 2007 the above URL doesn't work and you have to test with /owa.

Well, actually I believe it is Exchange Server 2007. However, I tried changing it to /owa and I still couldn't browse to that site. I'm assuming this still leads to the same conclusion. If so, who would I contact to get this information. Would I contact the person who set up the company's e-mail on exchange?
Are you not the Exchange administrator then? If not then you need to speak to them to see whether the feature has even been enabled.

Version of Exchange being used is very important as they are quite different.